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Enliven BNP2TKI Titled Campus Hiring Job Fair in Unhas

Makassar, BNP2TKI, Friday (09/16/2016) - National Agency for Placement and Protection of Indonesian Workers (BNP2TKI) enliven Jobfair titled Campus Hiring organized by Garuda EO Organizer in Baruga Andi Pangerang Pettarani, Hasanuddin University, on Wednesday and Thursday, 14 to 15 September 2016. Reviews Reviews By holding four PPTKIS, namely PT. Kenshur Hutama, PT. Laksana Sejahtera Mulia, PT. Trimulti Citra Bahari, and PT. Amalindo Bhakti Persada, BNP2TKI offer as many as 28 645 jobs through the scheme G to G, G to P and P to P from various sectors and countries placement. Positions offered are diverse, ranging from low-skill job to the high-skill , which are all included in the formal sector. Reviews Reviews Enthusiastic visitors stand BNP2TKI seems not only because of the jobs that are offered, but also because they are attracted to listen to the explanation of the placement program workers abroad submitted by Kasubdit integration of Supply and Demand Analysis tkln I BNP2TKI, Seriulina br. Tarin, and his staff Dutika Dian Utami Dewi, and Kasubdit Mapping the Supply and Demand II tkln Edison, and staff Institutional Section BP3TKI Makassar. Jobfair is once again have an opportunity to introduce the function and role of BNP2TKI to the community. Reviews Reviews Some of the visitors stand BNP2TKI also could get a brief guidance on the procedure for filing a job application via , Br Seriulina to visitors. Tarin is familiarly called Ulina admit that Jobsinfo application system is actually still has shortcomings, namely the registration process is too much need upload a document file, which is quite difficult for Job Seeker . "In fact, these documents actually not directly required by user , at most, will be needed when the applicant has reached the stage interview ." Said Ulina. Reviews Reviews Answering these problems, BNP2TKI through the Center for Development Research and Information (Puslitbangfo) is currently developing a more simplified system so that the process of apply be easier. "Hopefully it can be realized in the near future." Simply Ulina. Reviews Reviews Besides BNP2TKI, Jobfair attended by 15 companies. The number of visitors on the first day Jobfair many as 1482 people and 1243 people on the second day. Stand alone BNP2TKI visit as many as 736 job seekers, who come from Makassar and the surrounding area. The visitors stand BNP2TKI get leaflets, booklets, and goodybag . *** (PR-BP3TKI Makassar / MA)