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Death Insurance Company Submits TKI Taiwan Khamid Fauzi much as NT $ 800,000

Surabaya, BNP2TKI, Monday (19/09/2016) & nbsp; - Loka Services Placement and Protection of Indonesian Workers (LP3TKI) Surabaya facilitate the submission of insurance claims TKI death Khamid Fauzi (30 years old) were third. Death insurance amounted to NT $ 800,000 in the form of a check equivalent to USD 329 218 107 - from Leu Hsiang Fa Enterpusi Co. Ltd. (Wong Kuo Ching) a TKI Khamid Fauzi work in Taiwan - is handed over Budidjaja Sidarahardja, President Director of PT Surya Pacific Jaya, to Machali and Siti Maesaroh, both parents deceased Khamid Fauzi, with unknown Head LP3TKI Surabaya Cipto Utomo Office LP3TKI Highway 99 Wonocolo Jemursari, Surabaya, Monday afternoon (09/19/2016). & nbsp; most Reviews Khamid Fauzi is, a migrant worker from Hamlet Ngampel RT 02 / RW 07 Panunggalan Village, District Pulo Kulon, Grobogan, Central Java. He worked at Leu Hsiang Fa Enterpusi Co. Ltd. (Kuo Ching Wong) located at No. 25 Gun 9 th Rd Lin Hou Dist New Taipei, Taiwan. The owner of this US Passport 464 185 went to work to Taiwan through a service company Implementing Private Placement of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PPTKIS) PT Surya Pacific Jaya - the HRM Mangundiprojo 556 Buduran, Sidoarjo regency - on September 22, 2013. Khamid Fauzi died from workplace accidents in Taiwan on the 05th May, 2015. Reviews Reviews Also present to witness the delivery of insurance claims Fauzi Khamid the third death this is Darwati, Head of Branch Office of PT Surya Pacific Jaya Grobogan, and Tri Cahyadi, Village Chief Village Ngampel Panunggalan. & Nbsp; & nbsp; most Reviews In front of the Head LP3TKI Surabaya, Budidjaja Sidarahardja expressed about the chronology and the steps undertaken by PT Surya Pacific Jaya related deaths Khamid Fauzi. He says, obituaries TKI Khamid Fauzi received PT Surya Pacific Jaya on May 6, 2015 at around 8:15 pm. As for the return of his remains from Taiwan to the homeland and later handed over to his family in Grobogan, on Saturday (May 23, 2015). Reviews Reviews Khamid TKI death insurance claims were handed over to the governor Siti Maesroh Machali and this happens in tigakali. First, insurance claims death of TKI Insurance Consortium ASTINDO Rp 80,000,000 on June 22, 2015. Second, death insurance claims on behalf of the Government of Taiwan for NT $ 948,254 or equivalent to Rp 374,803,952.57 on May 30, 2016. Third , death insurance claims from the company TKI Khamid Fauzi work of NT $ 800,000 equivalent to USD 329 218 107 in the form of a check on September 19, 2016. & nbsp; & nbsp; most Reviews Cipto Utomo said insurance claims related deaths Khamid Fauzi TKI is somewhat "special." The reason this barukali obtained the disbursement of insurance claims tigakali death to occur. "During facilitation services TKI, yes barukali I get their disbursement until tigakali death insurance claims," ​​said Cipto. Reviews Reviews Therefore, Cipto then advised Tri Cahyadi as Head Dusun Ngampel, that can take a valuable lesson from the events experienced citizens, TKI Khamid Fauzi. He said, that the Head of Hamlet as the "spearhead" citizens, would be able to disseminate to citizens who want to work as migrant workers abroad so through a service company PPTKIS correct. & Nbsp; most Reviews "If migrant workers leaving to work abroad by following the procedures and menkanisme correct placement, through PPTKIS correct (such as PT Surya Pasific Jaya - & nbsp; red. ), if TKI concerned encounter problems or even death the world, of course related to salary and other rights of migrant workers such as insurance will be properly taken care of, "said Cipto. & nbsp; most Reviews Then to Machali and Siti Maesaroh, Cipto notices, after the receipt of insurance claims Khamid Fauzi's death, so presumably can be used which brings benefits to the family. Try to set aside part to shadaqah jariyah deceased. So from shadaqah jariyah it, to evoke the deceased in nature baqa. *** ( Public Relations - IB / LP3TKI Surabaya)