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Importance of Health Screening Candidate For TKI

Parepare, BNP2TKI (02/03). Health Facility Hospital Chief Andi Makkasau Pare Pare, dr. Ayu Purnama Sari stated that today a lot of demand for our workforce abroad. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the protection of one of them by improving the quality of health, both physically and mentally. It was delivered by dr. Ayu chances as one of the speakers in the socialization of the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers organized by P4TKI Parepare at Hotel Satria Tourism, Parepare on Monday, February 29, 2016.
So far, no medical examination is often regarded as an obstacle. In fact, medical examination jusru for good workers. "The medical examination aimed at early detection of disease that may be suffered, disease prevention through vaccination against diseases that exist in certain countries, and as to the terms requested by the user company" dr. Ayu.
Reality on the ground, as much as 2.5 percent of our workers were sent home because of health problems. Most of the health problems caused by the quality and service quality medical examination during which the standard is different from the standard of the destination country. As a result, sometimes the company in the destination country does not recognize the results of the examination which we have done, so they do a health check resets when CTKI has arrived in the countries where it works. In addition, other problems in the health checks were also found is the presence of a health certificate asphalt (real or fake) committed by a certain person who issued the certificate without undergoing a medical examination, so they do the buying and selling certificates "dr. Ayu.
Health-related problems, the Head of Makassar BP3TKI Mohd. Agus Bustami also calls for prospective migrant workers in order to try to maintain the best possible health and avoid actions that could harm the health *** (BP3TKI Makassar / MA)