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The success of employment programs abroad Indonesia Greatly determined by the attitude of the public and relevant agencies to this program, and managed what if all the stakeholders in a coordinated manner carry out its functions, hel is a shared responsibility that aims to mensejahtrakan people's lives by providing jobs and a decent income for life that labor itself and keluarganya.program employment abroad must be supported by all actors and observers together to achieve success and the success of the government in alleviating unemployment.

Overseas employment opportunities are open in countries that need workers Indonesia very much, good placement kawasan.negara dispersed in the middle east region and Asia region countries and at the same color pacific.sebagai entrepreneurs that responsibility is a call to assist the government in alleviating unemployment PT .ASSALAM WORKS MANUNGGAL sON who intend to help the government is committed to employment in the formal sector throughout the country region placement.

PT.ASSALAM WORKS MANUNGGAL SON was established based on notarial deed No.01 dated 01 September 2008 with the capital strength of Rp., - in fully paid to the company by shareholders and have reliable human resource positions and positions of Directors and directors of a company have enough assets to support both mobile and fixed assets.

The company's plans to support the placement and protection to workers placed abroad refers to the strength of human resources and financial-owned and in order to protect the labor of all workers will be included in the program insurance protection since the beginning of labor recruited through return to their homeland so that workers can work with the maximum.

Company utmost to remain consistent in employment are in place.


Vision & Mision


  • Develop enterprise job placement services towards enterprise job placement professional and reliable.


  • Creating jobs for people who are interested job seekers to work abroad.
  • Prints workforce has the skills, knowledge and attitude.
  • Assist the government in addressing unemployment by expanding job opportunities abroad.
  • Labor welfare and family life.
  • Assist the government in the country's foreign exchange income.



  • In doing marketing work force will be placed PT.ASSALAM WORKS MANUNGGAL SON As a first step would be looking for overseas partners who have been in decent and good value from the representative of Indonesia in the destination country, thus in the placement process will not be problems. Indonesian labor marketing plan to the State which has legislation that protects foreign workers working in the country, namely Countries in Asia pacifik.

Preparation of labor

  • recruit prospective workers; in the context of recruitment companies will coordinate directly with authorized agencies in the provision of manpower at district / city level, through branch offices will soon open area recruits .And in recruiting candidates for employment company has set a target area in the area of Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi.
  • Preparation of the quality of the candidates. Improved quality of prospective workers who will be in place abroad PT.ASSALAM WORKS MANUNGGAL training training SON in accordance with the requirements of the post and in collaboration with training institutions that have been accredited by the competent authority.

Target Placement

  • PT.ASSALAM WORKS MANUNGGAL SON in the activities of placement of priority on formal employment to the countries of the region with the target pacifik reality and can be accounted.

Monitoring labor outside the State

  • The workforce has been placed oleh.PT.ASSALAM WORKS MANUNGGAL SON is the responsibility of the company and will always be carried out monitoring in countries where the labor force working through the agency / business partners who have worked with PT.ASSALAM WORKS MANUNGGAL SON.
  • Monitoring carried out in the context of providing guidance and solving problems if there are Labor problems, solving problems that afflict labor performed By contacting agensy / partner when there are complaints and problems immediately Menyelesaykan repatriate rights and rights that have not been in selesaykan by the user as well Take care of insurance claims in the country.

Labor protection

  • PT.ASSALAM WORKS MANUNGGAL SON has a protection program for Indonesian labor that were placed abroad through the program assuransi inside and outside the country, as well as the complete document is the departure of manpower is lacking complete and valid. In addition, the company also sought to directly monitor the presence of migrant workers in the country through the placement of Indonesian representatives in the State placement.



  • Directors of the company's commitment to concentrate the efforts energetically managing this business to achieve business success.
  • Legislation that supports the implementation of placement and protection of migrant workers.
  • Managerial capacity of companies and business leaders and the dedication of the employees.
  • Support from business partners who have been cooperating with PT.ASSALAM WORKS MANUNGGAL SON.
  • Her many labor Indonesian government for foreign labor markets.